Wrongful Death

If you have lost a loved one due to a fatal accident or hazardous substance, contact Dora Kerner at 352-371-3460 for a free consultation.

Gainesville attorney, Dora Kerner, knows that the suddenly losing a family member or loved one immediately causes emotional upheaval and financial concerns. Additionally, Florida limits the timeframe that survivors can sue for wrongful death. Therefore, it is crucial to contact a reputable attorney as soon as possible. Gainesville attorney, Dora Kerner, has represented heirs of wrongful death victims for close to three decades. She will file documents, conduct investigations, and take care of the details of pursuing your injury claim so that you can concentrate on your emotional healing.

Wrongful death accidents can happen for a variety of reasons. Medical malpractice can result in death. Additionally, a loved one can be the victim of a fatal car crash, truck accident, boat collision, or plane crash. Sometimes other vehicles cause fatal accidents. Gainesville lawyer, Dora Kerner, will investigate the accident, examine medical bills and accident reports, talk to accident reconstruction experts, and use other resources to determine who is at fault.

Fatalities can also occur from exposure to hazardous chemicals or toxic waste. Gainesville lawyer, Dora Kerner, can investigate the circumstances around the chemical exposure. She will investigate to determine causes of the death such as improper storage, improper training, or failure to provide and follow safety procedures.

While verdicts and settlements in wrongful death cases vary, earning capacity and the expected life span of the deceased influence compensation. These awards help survivors of wrongful death victims to move forward with their lives.

Let Dora Kerner’s experience help you obtain the financial security you may have lost when your loved one died. Her free consultations and contingency fee arrangement allows you to pursue your claim without adding to your financial pressures and stress. Contact Dora Kerner by calling 352-371-3460 to schedule an appointment today.

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