Since 1982, Dora Kerner has successfully tried and settled countless personal injury matters. Let her expertise assist you by calling 352-371-3460.

Almost everyone knows a victim of a personal injury accident. Not surprisingly, accidents occur daily throughout the county. Often victims of accidents sustain injuries that may include back pain, neck pain, broken bones, comas, fractures, spinal problems, and other physical injuries. Unfortunately, when people are victims of an accident it frequently affects their ability to work and perform daily activities. Injuries can also affect their personal relationships. Additionally, treatment can also be extremely costly, and many injuries never become 100 percent better. For more than 28 years, the Law Office of Dora Kerner, in Gainesville, Florida, has been helping accident victims get the compensation they need. read more

Wrongful Death

When you live in the Gainesville area, and are going about your daily activities, you do not think about losing a loved one. Nevertheless, Dora Kerner, a Gainesville wrongful death attorney, consults with clients regularly who have lost a loved one because of a fatal accident. No one anticipates losing his life in an accident, yet a momentary accident can cause people to lose their lives on any given day. The Law Office of Dora Kerner, a Gainesville lawyer, has experience helping survivors obtain compensation for their tragic loss.

Unfortunately, many of these deaths could have been avoided if people were not reckless, did not create intentional dangerous conditions, or were not negligent. A Gainesville attorney, specializing in wrongful death, can never begin to make whole the tragic experience of losing a loved one in a fatal accident. read more

Workers' Compensation

If you are an employee, you probably spend eight or more hours at work. Given the amount of time you work, it is not surprising that employees get injured while on-the-job. Although certain jobs have a higher risk of injury, you can be involved in an accident that results in injuries while performing duties for any occupation. An on-the-job injury may limit your ability to work, can result in temporary or permanent disabilities and earn wages. Additionally, you may incur hefty medical bills, experience trauma and stress, and have many facets of your life changed forever.

Fortunately, Florida statutes require employers with a minimum of four employees to have workers' compensation insurance. Gainesville workers' comp insurance provides wages and funds for medical assistance to employees injured on-the-job. However, even though employers must have workers' compensation coverage, employees often worry about filing a claim because they are afraid of putting their jobs in jeopardy. Although Florida compensation statutes do not require employers to retain your job, it is illegal for employers to retaliate by firing employees because they file a compensation claim. If your employer fires you for reporting a work-related accident, Dora Kerner can help you protect your rights. read more

Select your attorney carefully

Finding the right lawyer is difficult. Many accident lawyers advertise for personal injury clients and nearly all charge the same fees. However, few have the proven record and finances necessary to obtain top results consistently.

Since 1982, Dora Kerner has successfully tried and settled countless personal injury matters. If you are a victim of a personal injury accident, contact the Law Office of Dora Kerner in Gainesville, Florida. Call 352-371-3460 so we can evaluate your case. Dora Kerner has helped countless clients get compensation for their injuries. Her experience can help you.

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