Gainesville Workers Compensation Lawyer

If you are an employee, you probably spend eight or more hours at work. Given the amount of time you work, it is not surprising that employees get injured while on-the-job. Although certain jobs have a higher risk of injury, you can be involved in an accident that results in injuries while performing duties for any occupation. An on-the-job injury may limit your ability to work, can result in temporary or permanent disabilities, and can limit your ability to maintain your lifestyle, earn wages, and engage in activities you formerly enjoyed. Additionally, you may incur hefty medical bills, experience trauma and stress, and have many facets of your life changed forever. read more

Gainesville Auto Accident Attorney

Almost everyone knows a victim of a personal injury accident. Not surprisingly, accidents occur daily throughout the county. Often victims of accidents sustain injuries that may include back pain, neck pain, broken bones, comas, fractures, spinal problems, and other physical injuries. Unfortunately, when people are victims of an accident it frequently affects their ability to work and perform daily activities. Injuries can also affect their personal relationships. Additionally, treatment can also be extremely costly, and many injuries never become 100 percent better. For more than 28 years, the Law Office of Dora Kerner, in Gainesville, Florida, has been helping accident victims get the compensation they need. read more

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Our mission is to combine competent, legal expertise while sympathetically understanding clients' situations to provide them with the best possible representation and solutions for workers' compensation matters, automobile/truck accidents and wrongful death cases. Whether vigorously advocating a case, or negotiating a settlement, Gainesville attorney Dora Kerner, puts her clients first. She prides herself on being accessible, reputable, and ethical while working to achieve a resolution that achieves or surpasses her clients' needs.

If you have been injured in a car accident or truck accident, Dora Kerner is here to immediately offer you powerful legal representation.

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